Monday, July 23, 2007


Why do people walk away from us? Leaving their footprints behind. Can we just forget and move on? Can we erase those footprints? Do we even want to erase those footprints? Why do people disappear after having brought joy and happiness? Why do we have to part?

My mum found a stack of old letters that were addressed to me. I sat the whole of Saturday evening and went through them. Letters from friends. All the way back from Kuwait. From the 80's! Little pieces of paper where we had scribbled notes (I still do that :D ) Birthday cards, get well cards, I miss you cards. Don't forget us cards. (Alhumdulillah I haven't) I carry them around in my heart every waking moment, and sometimes even dream about them. How can I forget? They made me who I am. They influenced, taught me, stood by me and told me off when I needed to be told off.

They are a part of me. My thoughts. My soul. My very being.

They moulded me, influenced by their very presence. Our laughs together, our tears shared, our fears, our hopes, our dreams. Their fragments remain a part of me even today.

I know understand why in Islam so much importance is placed on interpersonal relationships. We don't know how we can affect the other person. Are we leaving a mark that they cherish or a scar?

Shilpa Maria Mathew - my best friend through school. Taught me patience and humbleness
Farah Naaz (Fau) - My friend, my confidant, my room mate through last 3yrs in Aligarh. Taught me that knowledge was beauty.
Andalib Amjad (Andy) - My friend. Taught me not to fear anyone and that diamonds have rough edges too.
Afzal Haque - The brother I was supposed to have. The more said about him the less it is.
Amer Ahmed - My friend. Taught me laughter is the best medicine.
Navaid Saidi - My friend and to date the best looking guy I have ever seen. Taught me that I was beautiful. I just needed to believe.

I miss them.


Hafsa said...

that's really touching!

every person that comes into our life, comes for a reason. @ times, we don't understand, but as we grow older the mysteries decode, and things start to make sense.

Anonymous said...

Every one parts with his friends but at the same time he/she meets new ones. Memories do last and soon memories become a part of memories itself.... This is life.. :)

Hafsa said...

Kitabi tag!