Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hope - Fall of 2003

- Kahkashan Parveen

Darkness enslaves me this day
Pressing down, an invisible force
with it, it brings despair and fear
and helplessness grows

I try to find my way
in this dungeon of forever gloom
holding on, and trying to stay calm
and not think about my possible doom

The quiet is so loud that my ears hurt
The darkness so deep, that eyes are blind
How can I hold on, in this storm?
How will, the way out, I find?

I say a silent prayer and take a step,
on firm ground my foot lands,
I hope to find a way from this forsaken place,
while the walls are being groped, by my hands

This I know that I must stay strong,
for I am not alone in this struggle
Steady must my footsteps remain
Even though in my heart, fear and hope juggle

This trial is hard indeed!
And yet I need to give comfort and warmth,
to one that is dear to me,
Show him that it is okay to hold on

I will find a way through this darkness
it will take struggle and time and hope,
But I can’t show the fear that threatens,
with its harsh cold hands, my heart, to envelope

My faith, sometimes shaken, still stands
The way from this place, cold and dark
will I find, I must find, I have to find,
and then hope glimmers like a star

If it provides my dear, with happiness and hope,
I will continue to walk till the edge of night,
Alone will I tread this dark land,
with the path lit from the single star light

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